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Milos, Greece

Milos, Greece

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The wonderful island of Milos...

My gosh, there is a reason why everyone is visiting Milos. If you had to choose between here and Santorini, or any other islands and you are a beach person- MILOS! You have to do Milos, the beaches and the vibe here are so different, it is the perfect last island stop on your Greece trip (but, the hardest one to leave!)

Milos was the most unique island of them all, this is definitely for those who love the beach. It is a very ocean/beach/chill vibed island.

Facts to know about Milos:

Plaka is the Capital of Milos; super cute village with shopping/eating, an archaeological site to see and many more beautiful beaches!

Adamas (pictured below) is the port you arrive into by ferry and a main town as well to Milos. There is a TON to do and see in Adamas, I was there everyday actually. There is a ton of shopping, from delicate necklaces to very intriguing jewelry being very ocean inspired.

Pollonia is this is the second most important tourist area of Milos. Restaurants, shopping and another perfect picture village. This is in the northern part of the island, about 20 minutes from Adamas.

Adamas: port of Milos

Adamas: port of Milos

This was the best all around shopping area of Milos in my opinion and there is absolutely beautiful calming/total authentic Greece views on the water when you walk even more into the town *staying along the water. Milos will capture your heart, it was a very special place.

This is a volcanic island with absolutely incredible beaches that are unlike anywhere in the world. Out of my island hopping trip, there was an ancient theater (made of stone in a half circle formation) and Milos has the coolest theatre location of them all-facing the ocean, located in Klima.

Milos has beautiful harbors, the island itself felt very authentic and simple but SO beautiful, pictures can’t even do this place justice. Well…sadly they are and everyone is beginning to find out about Milos. So, there are some tips I have for the best time to visit/book.


First thing is first, you need to know the must see beaches of Milos..

Fyriplaka: My favorite beach…ever.

This picture is my screen saver on my desktop. It was the most coolest beach I have ever seen, I mean- look at it. You can park and walk down, it is a 10-15 minute walk. You can kayak, paddle board, snorkel would be amazing here (didn’t get to sadly, this was my very last beach I saw before heading to the airport). This was the least windiest beach of them all!

It is located in the southern part and in between Provatas Beach & then this one Fryiplaka and then Tsigrado Beach. There is a big difference between the northern beaches and the southern beaches in Milos. I was able to do more of the Northern beaches, along with everyone else I talked to who has visited Milos as well since its the closest to the port and there is a lot to see for the northern beaches- but very windy-very.

This beach is worth seeing and spending time at, I mean clearly! A MUST in Milos!!

The clear blue waters, the beach itself and activities with this colorful rock formation..Fyriplaka WAS my favorite of Milos. This is a very ‘moon rock/out of this world’ beach experience kind of island and you will defiantly more than a few very unique beaches to explore.

Milos moon rocks arrive early.JPG

Sarakiniko: The famous moon rock beach, THE beach you have to see with your own eyes. The unique rock formations it created was by poured and frozen lava following a volcanic eruption.

Arrive EARLY to this beach. I would highly suggest doing this beach first thing in the morning for many reasons. There is a lot of people here, a ton- it is THE beach of Milos, if you can arrive at 7am and stay until 10am/10:30am is when it started getting busy.

I was there during mid September which is the end of Summer season and it was really busy even at 11am. It was very difficult to get a picture with no one in the background.

It really was like walking on the moon, as people describe it. Defiantly bring a camera if you have one, the detail to the rocks is unbelievable. It was one of those places, I felt very fortunate to be able to see myself.

The famous jumping instagram spot is at this beach. *Walk past (as pictured above) this part and there is caves to the side. Keep walking along the water side and there is the jumping spot ahead, about a 15-20 minute walk from the parking lot. **Bring water, beach towel, you can do a ton of amazing pictures here (again, you do have to be early if you wanted it more to yourself).

There is also nudity at this beach, so even better of an idea to be very early if you wanted pictures. Lastly, there is no bathrooms down here, not even in the parking lot..


Paliochori Beach: A very unique bathing experience, this beach has dark gold sand and transparent water that is so warm, there is natural hot springs to this beach due to being close to a dormant volcano. There is restaurants as well surpassingly down this way! Worth googling and going to see for yourself!

Warning, major FOMO on these next 2 beaches; only reachable by boat.

Kleftiko: From the port of Adamas you can sail to the southern western corner of Milos, its said to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Greece. Kleftiko can only be reached by boat and if you are able to truly go see this place, you wouldn’t regret it. There are incredible white cliffs, rock caves, natural arches and you can even swim through the caves underwater. Bring your go pro and defiantly try to make it here!

Kleftiko Bay: A very old base for pirates during the island's Turkish occupation. It's now one of the most famous attraction in Milos, accessible only by boat or a long hike.

You are only able to access a fair amount of Milos beaches by boat. There is sailing tours along with airbnb experiences. You do need to book in advance, most was sold out when I looked even a month in advance.

Papafragka Beach

Papafragka Beach

Papafragka, very unique and defiantly another ‘walking on the moon’ like experience.

You can either go on the other side (of this picture as shot) off the highway and get a picture of the caves like that. Or, I parked just a bit ahead in the lot and walked along all the rocks. Do not walk on those rocks in flip flips. I was honestly sliding a ton, the rocks just continuously move downwards, its broken volcanic like rock. I walked barefoot- it was better grip if you wanted to get a bit closer down.

This is a great picture spot, however very sensitive place to jump off from. This is one of the other popular spots of Milos to cliff jump off of and it was the windiest beach of all of them. Monster waves, a ton of lost fins and snorkel stuff actually I saw below and very sadly even trash in the ocean/on the beach.

Cool spot, the wind was insane and glad I got to see it and hike tremendously to get to it.

Paliorema: This is a tough one to get to but VERY worth it! Google it and you will agree.

If you can rent an SUV on Milos &if you are going to iOS I would plan on trying to get, you need on these crazy roads/hills. This beach is really unique, there is sulphur rocks, you can see 19th century heavy machinery, ails with wagons, cave houses, and even tunnels to venture into. The waters and the *very quite, since it is hard to get to beach, could be worth it to see!


Unique Beach experience: put in your gps:

YaBanaki Beach Bar: If you don’t like people and you want to have drinks delivered to you with the perfect beach front along with a swim up dock with a comfortable seat to relax on for hours.

This is the beach for you. My mom and I absolutely loved this beach, there was pretty much no one else on this beach and it was beautiful waters to snorkel in. Again, even drink/good deliver to you- was awesome.

A couple other not so crowded beaches were; Pachaina Beach, Alogomandra Beach, Areti & Klima.

Milos moon yoga.JPG

Mandrakia: A village and where yoga on the moon rocks was, what a PLACE and defiantly a hidden spot on Milos to see. There are 2 seafood restaurants along with a beautiful church and a very small fishing area below. I would really recommend stopping here as there is a surprising amount to see/photograph.

You can access the actual moon rock spot I did yoga at to see, its pretty completely flat surface and the waves were absolutely beautiful to see right in front of you crashing.

Yoga on the moon rocks experience;

Amazing practice, it was an hour session and the sun was setting at the perfect time, the full moon was behind us. Such a perfect evening and loved the instructor too. It was about a 15-20 minute was from the church in Mandrakia to this location.

The instructor provides your mat, *bring your own water though! Along with a light sweatshirt, when the sun went down it started to get a bit chilly and after the session walking back to the town.


I would highly recommend a rental car in Milos, there are so many beaches and things to see. I found the bus system not to work as much here. There was actually a ton of people walking to these small fishing ports and beaches that were very far and it was defiantly hot out.

Something to remind you all is if you are planning to driver internationally and this includes an ATV and car, it is required to have an international drivers license.

You need to do it prior to your trip, have it printed and always on you. This started in Mid May 2019 and this includes pretty much all countries. You can get it online below,

International Drivers License link

Islands I would recommend renting a car: (most important in order)

Ios, Milos, Kythria *this absolutely required a car, it was a big island.

Naxos, is a good sized island but did the bus transportation for this and was completely easy/fine.

Do not rent a car in Athens, Mykonos and defiantly do not rent in Santorini


Notes on renting a car in Greece:

Talk about my worst experience with rental cars of any country yet.

I will go over the very important tips on how to have a good, safe (yes, some of the cars were questionable) driving experience…

  1. Most importantly, have your international drivers license and on you, printed. They do check.

  2. If you are planning to rent a car, request for automatic; as many cars in Europe are stick shift and they have extremely limited automatic cars. The companies will also likely have you pay up to $10+ extra to have automatic vs manual.

  3. If the car you are given is not in good shape, do not accept it. Ask for another one, it is not worth your safety and you are paying for this.

    In Milos this was the worst car I had ever been in. Stained, bright blue interior, old Fiat, the AC did not work *had the windows down the entire time, the emergency break didn’t work fully. Tires were really low and shouldn’t even be on the road- period.

    Do not rent from this company, Milos Rent Car (www.milosrentcar.gr). DO NOT.

  4. Request a newer car when you are booking. I know it sounds crazy but they rent just about any cars to people in Greece and they are beaten so bad especially the rental companies. You wouldn’t regret always requesting this on every rental car in the future, I learned my lesson big time on this.

  5. Book in advance, they only have to many cars and especially on higher season/busy island spots that you really should have a car in. I was there end of summer and got the last car *so I was told.

Klima Village

Klima Village

There is actually a good amount to do in little Klima!

It is about 15 minutes from Adamas and the driving was pretty interesting to get down here. This restaurant was highly recommended and even walking on the path down I kept hearing “that was amazing seafood, what a view”.

It was defiantly a surprise to come across this very quint village, amazing seafood restaurant with yes- utterly amazing views. Apparently one of the best sunset spots on Milos too.

The ancient theater is a hike as well to see with amazing views! I went for lunch and got a perfect seat and ordered some incredible calamari.

The village itself (as pictured above) was one of the most picture perfect places I have seen on my trip. You do need to be specific on time you visit here, for crowds wise and the sun. I would suggest going past 2pm and have a reservation if you planned to have dinner here.

Klima *northern of Adamas about 15 minutes

Klima *northern of Adamas about 15 minutes

How long would I recommend in Milos?

This all depends if you are a beach person and want a relaxing/chill beach island stop in Greece. I had 3 full days here and could have done 5-6 days, *big beach person over here.

If you aren’t a big beach person and get antsy easily/bored with beaches; 3 days is plenty.

The interesting part about Milos is the crowds are really changing which is making it a more delicate time to want to come here. I went in mid September, the end of Summer season and there was defiantly a fair amount of people.

If I could recommend a perfect time, would be mid September to mid October. It was defiantly warm when I was there (around September 10th). Plan to absolutely arrive early to the very well known beaches to beat the crowds.


Hotel or Airbnb to stay in Milos?

Airbnb absolutely. This is a very charming, relaxing/comfortable island, there is a good amount of airbnb options. Book in advance as once a place is sold out, its gone. I would be really mindful where you want to stay as well in Milos.

I personally wouldn’t stay in a very less known fishermans area *example, Fyropotamos; super cute but not very center and it is such a small village and a lot of tourist walking in and out, not the clearest waters in front either.

I stayed at an amazing airbnb that was very center in Milos. The link is here. The owner actually rescued cats and they are the most healthiest cats I saw in Greece, safe to even pet. The pool was great and such a nice center part. Everything was 10-15 minutes pretty much.

Price wise: *depending on time of year, Milos is really affordable.

September/October dates seemed to be defiantly under $130 USD a night for a great spot.

Island off Milos tour.jpg

If you had some time and wanted to explore the island that you can see from Pollonia, this is the information!

Island off Mielos ferry time.jpg

Hope these guides above & below help!

There is a ton of beaches that do not come up on google maps and not seen online. Grab a guide/map when you arrive into the port, Greece- is very old school, a lot does not get updated specially online information.

If there is ANY questions, hotel/any other recommendations needed in Milos, please feel free to reach out to me directly. @thefaceofdestinations

I am extremely happy to help! Milos is WORTH the hype!

Villages of Milos.jpg

Milos airport;

Very easy. This is a quick 25 minute flight to/from Athens. You can arrive up to 90 minutes early but even a little over an hour prior to is fine. You will likely have to check in your bags even if it is a carry on suitcase. They did not charge me to check in my suitcase and it was 18kl.

This airport is comparable to Naxos if you have flown out of there. There isn’t really any food in here, no free wifi, no plug ins (other than above the trash bin, i’m not even kidding about that)

Flight from Milos to Athens was a little under $100 USD, It was absolutely worth it for me to fly vs the ferry schedule was not great times and I enjoyed an extra full day than expected by flying!


A MUST: This bakery above!

This was such a good dessert island, I know- hilarious but truly it WAS! This bakery was out of this world and my stop every morning before the beach. Pastries, traditional greek desserts, freshly made bread, pizzas and such good pizza (again, got it everyday while I was there)

Great priced, its very.. Italian feel. Go in, know what you want and order stat and push yourself to pay in the front. Everything is amazing here, try it all. It is located in Adamas *port/city center and it was across from a super market along the ocean side.


Aggeliki Gelato

Best lemon ice cream I have ever had. Lemon pie ice cream.

The desserts here, again- mind blowing. This is a MUST STOP for ice cream/gelato. Really unique flavors and you defiantly can’t miss it, its the place with the big line ;)

I did find Milos to be one of the more affordable islands I visited. Great food, kind people, a lot of cats, pretty easy driving. There is a lot to do for free here like the beaches and hiking. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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