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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece



Where to begin- well, its my first of all the islands I am going to begin with. Mykonos is one of the biggest talked about islands of Greece, if not 2nd place to Santorini on. It’s likely if you are coming to Greece, its the typical Santorini and or Mykonos. This trip was anything but a typical Greece trip.

My first stop was the beautiful Mykonos itself and a damn good first stop.

Talk about the most FUN island of them all (close to Ios) but a different kind of fun here. It is ‘what you make of it; you want to party, will be easy to find. There is a ton of amazing beach clubs which I will get into detail more into this very detailed destination write up!

The alleyways, you will likely get lost in but always follow the water and you will find your way back to city center! It is actually really tough to find exact locations of something. The maps don’t work fantastic either off your phone so just enjoy getting lost ;)


“Venice of Mykonos”

Alefkandra as it is actually called, is one of the most famous and unique attractions in Mykonos. It is located in Chora! Next to the famous windmills as well right above little Venice. Highly suggest making your way up this way! You can do a shortcut by following the water (where the church image is below) and its right past it.


A few big points you likely didn’t know about Mykonos:

- It is the top windiest island of them all, bring multiple hair ties, clips, I mean this is unbelievable how bad the wind can get here. Saw many butts on this trip with the severe wind and people not prepared for it.

The hotel I stayed at gave me a lot of weather information throughout the years on Mykonos and one of them being, “it is said when there is a full moon or on the 15th of September this month, the wind will go down ALOT, almost completely.” So that is pretty interesting! And please bring underwear or a fair amount of longer dresses.

  • BYOB: Bring your own Bae. You heard me. Did you know Mykonos is one of/if not the top gay destination in Europe? All very good looking but this was defiantly not online (crying emoji)

  • Do not drink the water from the sink. On all the islands, do not. I brushed my teeth fine but don’t swallow the water!

  • No toilet paper in the toilet, its the island life*!

  • Do NOT rent a car here or even an atv (if I’m honest as everyone I talked to said, there is so many terrible accidents. Not worth the stress and the bus system was super easy!

  • Book everything very in advance, as it is such a big tourism destination (worth the hype!) and this includes ferries, hotels and if you wanted excursions.

  • Book everything including airport transportation with your hotels, each and every one. You will be so surprised how much time/money you would save. Thankfully all my hotels accept Mykonos I booked ahead.

  • Mykonos has 21 taxis on the island for Summer. .... YUP. So, if you see a taxi, RUN for it! Especially at the airport, it was almost 30 minutes until a taxi came and I ran for it.

  • Prepare for everything medically. This is one of those countries that everything is really in a different language and not like it is in the USA for medications.

Pain relief, allergy, head cold/cold medication, anything you will likely need, even if your skin is really sensitive, your own lotions, soap/shampoo.

Most importantly, bandaids, neosporein *they do not have those kind of cut creams anywhere I went, water ear drops; especially if you are diving, they would have came in handy! Also, highly suggest even a first aid kit as there is some parts of Greece for hiking and even water sports- got a few cuts.


Firstly, how do you get here?

Athens you will most likely have to stop coming in internationally, then its a quick 40 minutes to Mykonos, the flight was around $90 one way. There is also taking the ferry over from Athens or another island.

If you are coming into Athens then off to Mykonos first, I would suggest staying at the airport and flying out from there, vs if you try to get the ferry.

Ferries & what you need to know:
Depending on what season you go, the price also roughly varies, times & amount of people budging their way on. I kid you not- this is an interesting process at first but then it starts to make more sense after taking a few ferries.

Most importantly, get your tickets in advance. There is 3 general companies to use and its very *time of year sensitive on when you should purchase them.

For example, I booked the week of for all my ferries, but I went very end of August into September which is a fantastic time to come/not as crowded.

Prices will vary on time of year.

Mykonos to Naxos was around $30 USD one way, and a 50 minute ferry over.

We did fly from Naxos back to Athens and it was a very smart choice, very. We saved a lot of time not dealing with Naxos/Athens ports and a long cab from the port. We also got a hotel nearby the airport that evening arriving in (which I also defiantly recommend, do not go into Athens if you are there for only 1 night!)


Prepare for traffic getting into the ports, Santorini being the worst one defiantly. Leave early enough and plan for traffic- if you do not make your ferry; you re-purchase another ticket & another ferry (if there even is one) which, absolutely sucks.

Absolutely ask (someone who knows, not random as they also likely don’t know *not kidding with this either, it happens a lot.) where your port is as soon as you arrive. There is not really signs or even labels on what exact port/boat you are leaving out of.

Luggage wise, as soon as the ferry is in- game face. I would have provided pictures but it is such a fast process, you can’t stop to take a picture of the madness going on.

They want you on fast to keep on their schedule *also likely a bit behind. Have your rolling luggage ready to drop first, there is carts where you put the luggage and I would just suggest not leaving very important things in them as IF something happened.. Keep the important stuff like all technology/jewelry and passport on you.

Mykonos Map info.jpg

Is it worth doing a flight or ferry?

Before booking a ferry, first look up if a flight is worth it. I heard a ton on the trip that people really regretted, lost a lot of time/ at the end of ferry and cab money- sometimes its best to fly!

The ferry port in Athens is in a very different area than you would expect, look into it defiantly before booking anything and even specific dates wise. Sometimes the ferries/flights are very off times and even in September there was 1 island that had 1 ferry once a week, just once back- so plan as you go along!

For me, I arrived in at 5pm from LAX and the smartest was to stay at the airport and fly out 2-3 hours later (Incase if a delay because Athens airport is pretty big!) and got into Mykonos before sunset!


Time of year to come:

Between May-end of September.

The absolute best time is September and the wind goes down usually. Most things are shut down by October.

Coming to Mykonos, I went the 2nd to last weekend of August and was awesome. I didn’t personally find the crowds to be crazy, likely the crowds would go down if there isn’t a cruise ship in *remember they bring in hundreds/thousands of people.

The cruise ships, is what makes some of the islands very filled with the crazy crowds you hear about- like in Santorini, the crowds can change pretty quickly. There is buses from Thira to Oia and likely from 11/12-4/5pm I would say is the most crowded for both Mykonos and Santorini.

What works to your advantage staying on the island vs a cruise is during the busy times, again depending on what season you come; it could be extremely hot during the day. It’s best to be up earlier hour, walk around with not many crowds and go in for a few hours. Mykonos 1/5 days & Santorini 2/4 days was very hot- not too bad considering many people say how hot Santorini is.


September is prime time to come. Period.

A big fact about Mykonos is it actually shuts down October-April/May even, there is only a few hotels & restaurants open during that time and is very off season. May is just warming up and isn’t too bad of a time to visit but waters would be a bit colder vs end of Summer.

From my understanding, September is the very best month for Mykonos-middle of the month to the end is the perfect 2 weeks of the whole year.

The hotel rates defiantly change even by weeks wise, July/August is the busiest months. The weather is also really perfect, around 70-80’s with a nice breeze.

Look at the weather in advance if you can on Mykonos, its very interesting how windy the island is so plan the right clothes. I brought my jean jacket and wore it a few times on my trip in Europe, in the evening can get a touch chilly.


Hotels wise:

There are many, many different feels to where you stay on Mykonos. For example, it isn’t a huge beach island- so if you wanted beach that would likely not be by the port/the main town.

If you wanted to stay in town, those are going to book the quickest. A lot of the hotels are boutique rooms and each are made very unique, very. Greece was the most pleasurable hotel experience across the board.

You have to book ahead of time to get the best places/rates because they do absolutely sell out of rooms.

Hotel Tagoo in Mykonos


My hotel of 4 nights was Hotel Tagoo, I would always stay back at this hotel without a doubt. They treat you like family here, breakfast included, a perfect location and only a 10-15 minute walk into the downtown city center part. The pool is AMAZING and of of the best pools of Mykonos (other than the famous Hotel Cavo Tagoo)

There is only max 10 rooms to the hotel and absolutely recommend booking in advance. I got the very last room of the hotel and was my first booking of this trip, as Mykonos is SO popular- there was not much availability left even 2 months out.


Must stop places of Mykonos:


The most beautiful interior of any day club/restaurant I have ever seen. Incredible beach club & after that-dinner spot, It doesn’t face the sunset but the sky cascades across with the sunset tones. Depending on what day you come/month it can be really packed or not many people.

It is a must see regarding the dining experience though defiantly and the beach bed chairs are super comfortable, beautiful views & they will serve you on the beach.


Scorpios: Favorite place of this whole trip, seriously. What good vibes, drinks *including that watermelon juice!, the music was insanely good. It is the best sunset spot of the whole island and very.. far of the grid. It’s at the very end of the beach clubs along the beaches.

I would suggest arriving by 5-5:30pm for a good sunset spot. If you wanted to enjoy the beaches along the way, come for all day and beach hop and end at Scorpio’s.

Plan to pack a light jacket if you are staying after sunset. There are some super cute beach clubs next to Scorpios and defiantly worth doing for the day if you wanted a full beach day!

Beaches behind Scorpios!

Beaches behind Scorpios!

Other day clubs to check out,

Cavo Paradiso: Very popular and I would say a more raging place to party, defiantly. Great Dj’s there.

Bao’s: Music & cocktail bar, in little Venice. Super chic, gorgeous view on the water.

Tropicana & Super Paradise: Both beach clubs and raging ones, absolutely raging.

Ali Tou Thodori: Beach restaurant with a view!

Ftelia: Beach restaurant with again, amazing interior. Mykonos day clubs/beach restaurants are absolutely AMAZING! Worth seeing a handful of these!


Mykonos won my favorite island for Gyros.

I pretty much only had gyros the whole time, highly suggest the place I mention below along with the menu to peak at (there is actually a ton of locations, so when you see one, you’ll know!) You can do Mykonos on a budget to be honest when it comes to the food here.

They do put fries in the gyros here in Greece & it will absolutely change your LIFE!


Greece is very old school, I mean VERY old school.

However, the good news is the transportation is actually really unique- very unique. The buses are the best to travel around Mykonos with and great priced.

This includes google maps and up to date things like ferries/bus schedule as well. Double check everything before booking hotels that are non refundable/ect. For example: the bus schedule I followed was wrong and stopped a few days before.

Always check the sign on the bus to make sure you are on the right one, arrive early to get the bus ticket. The tickets are under $2 one way for likely anywhere on Mykonos too. You do have to take a bus to Scorpios or can plan on taking a cab (of the only 21 there is on this island)

Mykonos Town Map

Mykonos Town Map

Map from town pretty much to Scorpios

Map from town pretty much to Scorpios


Working with @Vangelisphotography, @Bertabridal & @arymax

Mykonos has become a huge destination wedding island as well here in Greece. Little Venice along with in the alley ways throughout town are the most dreamiest, effortless locations you could imagine.
Prepare for the wind along the water and finish photographing by 9am to have no crowds too!

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