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Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain


Top 3 bucket list places in the world for me? Australia, Bali and Ibiza.

I know- what a mix but all really tropical, warm weather & the last of my top 3 was checked off FINALLY seeing, exploring and thriving.. in IBIZA!

This will actually be a pretty easy and straight forward post on Ibiza. First off, yeah it’s absolutely f* incredible, it was everything it is made out to be. Iv’e been to some of the larges party places in the world and nothing beats Ibiza.

I did Ibiza and made it out alive, you can to!

Biggest suggestion of Ibiza: Do not even try to leave Sunday or even Monday, leave Tuesday. It is quite a sight the hungover passed out people having to check out those days. Friday-pm of Tuesday or even am Wend because risk of rain/counting in hungover and needed sleep time too.


Night life: Pacha is fantastic on Fridays. Ushuaia Saturdays and Mondays.

It’s weird, because when you google DJ line ups for Ibiza as many of us can agree- nothing really comes up. The best thing to do is look up the main clubs and go to their website, these are also all around Ibiza off the plane too. See, even Mondays is a party day here! Crazy line ups during big DJ season.

Beach clubs: I don’t know if I loved the beach clubs more or night life because what a VIBE. Nassau Beach Club, Tanit Beach Club, Restaurant Coco Beach, Sound Beach Ibiza is the place to be!

Get your club tickets with your hotel, they will give you the best pricing option, people will offer on the street- maybe you can buy before (if its busy season maybe buy before arrival).

Ticket prices range: I was there end of May 2nd opening weekend so.. the tickets were $40-$50USD a person. The price likely changes per event/line up too.

These line ups are AMAZING in prime season!

These line ups are AMAZING in prime season!

Food: Resort options (which you can’t go wrong but pricey) or walk to the main area in 5-10 minutes from the resort area.

I went to Bella Napoli a few times, Dunes (there is always a DJ here too, including AM….), very nice dinner was Minami in Ushuaia.

The best food option to honestly do is wake up early, and get chairs/spots on the resort beach clubs because the food ended up being the best at those places. Ended up getting super busy as the sun came out too.

The resorts have great food options, especially at Hard Rock Hotel. I ate at 3 different restaurants here and had room service- all amazing. The beach front has amazing Mediterranean food, then there is a walk up bar in the back pool area (where you can also get ice cream, yup!) TATEL was also fantastic, Spanish food, great atmosphere/very lively.

The rooftop too was great for drinks and the view for sunset was outstanding. I would recommend going to the rooftop even if you aren’t staying here, it’s the BEST view!

Passion was really amazing. Breakfast is INCREDIBLE from there, went back 3 times. Smoothies, juices, very fresh, vegan/organic- its a must coming to Ibiza! There is 4 locations on Ibiza and the location I am referring to is the Sant Josep De Sa Talaia Balearic Isles one. I would honestly eat here everyday and plan to come back :)

There is endless options to Ibiza; I will get into just HOW much there is later in here. There is the resorts area (near airport/all party area), downtown Ibiza, other parts too- look at a map, you’ll see what I mean.


How long to go for exactly?

The question is if you wanted to do day excursions to islands. I was there Friday-AM on Tuesday and absolutely had no chance to make a day excursion to another island or even rent a scooter to go around Ibiza island itself. I would recommend 5-6 days, if you wanted to fully take advantage.

If you are planning to just party, Friday-Monday/Tuesday. If you wanted to do excursions and be on tropical time/party but not hard then I would suggest Friday-Thursday. Time flies by here and again, there is still stuff during the week and cheaper hotel rates. There is so much to do apparently on the other islands too!

Ibiza has ALOT to offer on different parts of the island- would recommend renting a scooter defiantly, a lot of hotels offer them too for day or half day rental. There is hidden beaches, insane resorts too on way different parts of the island.



Hard Rock Hotel & Resort of Ibiza IS the best, one thousand percent. Without a doubt choose the best hotel of Ibiza and is one of my favorite stays of all time- I bet your thinking “Hard Rock??” Yes- Have you seen the pictures?

This property is MASSIVE, it actually is incredible the size of this property. This is defiantly my most pleasurable hotel post yet because there is a lot of unique detail.

First off, it’s Hard Rock so the celebrity memorabilia is really amazing at this location.


Multiple pools and hilariously enough I witnessed a lot of people not even realize how many pools there was and how different every section was. The front pool (that you can look down from in main tower) there is a dj stand there and plays on weekends, there was more kids to this one on Monday/Tuesday specially. Then the other massive pool is, still mind blowing to me how Hard Rock did this part of the property.



Most requested “let me know the exact hotel details trip” yet- So, here it goes. There are 14 completely different room options.

My room was the Studio Suite Gold room. It had a tub looking over the ocean and was a very large room.

If you are in Main tower (likely) really suggest facing the right side (looking to the ocean). If you are on the left side, there is a parking lot right below and the views are WAY better on right side. Floor wise, the higher the better. I did have level 1 and was asked to be moved because it was honestly SO low.. moved to level 6 and was incredible, I mean incredible. There is limited rooms to the more unique ones, my type had under 8 rooms to the hotel. The other REALLY unique style was the 80’s room style!

Suites by the pool with main stage: All of these suites are absolutely breathtaking. There are 3 story suites, own pool in front, huge rooftop with chairs/cabanas that again is 3 stories up and looks over everything- this wasn’t even an option when I looked and defiantly in the $k+ pricing.

Hard Rock Hotel restaurants were really amazing here too. TATEL was fantastic, Sir Rocco only had drinks there. The Beach Club was my favorite, its Mediterranean style and SO good.

Rooftop is a must even if you are not staying at this hotel. I didn’t go on the rooftop until the last night and most beautiful spot to see the sunset so high up!


Facts I bet you wouldn’t of guessed about Ibiza:

Something to understand about Ibiza, it that is an island- I mean it’s resorts on one part and even getting deeper into town it starts to get not so lovely fast.

Ibiza is a very interesting place because it is the single biggest part destination in the world and the island has thus far kept up with it. Kept up as in, it gets absolutely wild here and that/the tourist part of Ibiza aspect, actually makes income/great for businesses for these people on this island.

Families live here, there was actually a lot of families on the flight to Ibiza (not like that Netflix movie!) On the resort there was some families; weekdays there are families- not so much weekends but don’t expect all 20’s crowds. The ages drastically range here, you can be any age to party ;)

There is also more then just Ibiza, you can take a ferry to ALL these islands: Denia, Valencia, Barcelona (8 hrs) & Gandia, Palma (in Mallorca) & Formentera

Hard Rock rooftop

Hard Rock rooftop

Best time of year to go: VERY specific. I asked around to a lot of local people (hotel, restaurants, people met to see when the actual best time is)

Okay, end of May is opening weekends (last 2 weekends usually). I went the 2nd opening weekend and look on my instagram stories to see the crowds, it was actually a perfect amount and everyone was actually really respectful of space/being messed up but there wasn’t huge DJ’s. I was there during international DJ weekend weirdly enough and the hotel wasn’t that bad on pricing. Weather, it rained 1 day so a risk of some rain.

June, first or second weekend of June will get a bit busier and the DJ’s come in mid June. The pricing won’t change much at this point so try to aim for 2nd weekend of June. After mid June prices raise a lot, and everything sells out a lot faster because the large DJ’s start to come in.

July is very busy absolutely but I guess August/September is really busy now I was told. To give an idea on how drastic pricing changes, it was around $300-$350 USD or so a night and in September was $750 a night for my room and extremely limited availability even looking ahead. If you plan to go during busier times mid June-September, book over 6 months in advance not only price wise but there are so many room options in these hotels, don’t get stuck with a bad room.


Lastly, Speaking of interesting rooms; I did want to put below Ushuaia Hotel.

This is normally (is honestly) the most expensive hotel of Ibiza. It is THE party spot, but apparently they have had to become really strict at 11pm to stop music though. And the rooms are not as nice at all considering what the rates are.

I urge you to look on my instagram stories to see exactly the videos of the hotel because some crazy rooms- I mean right where the massive pool party was going on was hotel rooms, right there. The rooms are not as updated as Hard Rock, pool, all around resort. I would always stay with Hard Rock if I went with resort wise for Ibiza and highly recommend to.

I would also recommend looking on other parts of the island for resorts. Stay a couple days near this part; where its a lot of resorts, really close to the airport, tons of beach clubs long the beach and easy walking restaurants. It was where ALL the clubs where to I felt like *at least where all the big djs go.

Also try other parts of Ibiza on hotels too for other few days, you will be really surprised how many options/different areas you can stay in and have such different experiences. There are some extremely relaxing parts of Ibiza then there is the very party part, theres true Ibiza in downtown and more hidden gem spots. Airbnb is also an option as well if your going for so many days/with big groups.

Nobu Hotel & Resort looks absolutely beautiful, however there is a lot of room/pool picture detail issues- look at @zeebalife for more detail! *follow her, she’s amazing!


Videos showcase Ibiza the best so please feel free to reach out to me directly if had ANY questions I could maybe help with and check out in my IBIZA highlights! @thefaceofdestinations

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