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In every new place traveled, its always incredible to meet new people and from all over the world. Switzerland was defiantly my Top 3 list and it was 100% based off of what was recommended from people all over. Simply asking, “Out of everywhere you have been, what are you top favorites destinations and why?” I kept hearing Switzerland, “Theres no place like it!”

Everyone was right. There really is no place like Switzerland, the greenery, the pureness and real heartfelt flavored food. Beyond all that, this place made me cry a couple names from the BEAUTY.

(Paris to Lausanne drive 5 1/2 hours)

Traveling the very beginning of June from Paris into Switzerland, was the BEST TIME to do this road trip with the glaciers melting and creating some of the most insane waterfalls along the way. When first entering Switzerland, driving from west country side, theres small towns with speed limits less than 15 mph (almost difficult to keep on speed limit) and into Lausanne/around Lake Geneva was the first stop.

Where upon arrival in Lausanne, with both pouring rain coming down and seeing the stores completely closed by 3-afternoon in the town. Stopped to eat like kings..

After dinner, back on the road for a pretty difficult and road closure drive ahead.

Lausanne to Interlaken (supposed to be less than 2 hours to almost 4 hours)

Drove through one of the biggest lighting storms iv’e ever seen. Then came the entire highway shut down, and the gps unable to reroute us. VERY luckily after driving around for another 30 minutes trying to find someone to tell us where to go- back en route & arrived in Interlaken at about 1am.

That evening into the next day: The resort was something out of a fairy tale book, even upon arrival and exhausted. To waking up to fresh smelling croissants by the owner, it was hard to leave this place and will defiantly be back! Maison Berdorf Interlaken


Next destination, the most dreamiest place you could imagine..

Lauterbrunnen & Grindelwald:

Lauterbrunnen for the beautiful, iconic and jaw dropping 300m-­high Staubbach Fall. It is absolutely as beautiful in person as pictures. Driving into the town and seeing.. THIS. Snow topped mountains behind and truly nestled into the little town with restaurants and adorable shops below. Interestingly enough, you can hike up and be directly inside the waterfall (very easy hike/walk not even 15 minutes up).

Would absolutely add to your bucket list ASAP!


Next venture: Lauterbrunnen to Florence Italy (7 hour drive)

This was unplanned this next part and so happy we stubbled upon because this is a very hidden spot of Switzerland.

To the town of, Brienz. Where holds Giessbach Falls of 400m+ of utter..mind blowing wander.

((Still dreaming about this place!!))

((Still dreaming about this place!!))

Laying under the falls, the beautiful Grandhotel Giessbach built in 1873.

Would highly recommend stopping for a quick bite to eat under the falls, it was the most incredible lunch experience of my life. I still dream about this day and the clear blue lake laying beside all of this..

Grandhotel Giessbach

Grandhotel Giessbach

Lugano/Lake Como (Switzerland/Italy boarder!)

We wished for more time here and stop for pictures but was running against the clock with the hotel front desk in Florence closing and not being able to check in. I absolutely plan to be back next year (May 2019) for more!

Lake Como

Lake Como

On to ITALY!!!

Best time to travel/recommended: Beginning of June to mid due to the glaciers melting and seeing the amount of countless, very well running waterfalls!

Lost in the Alps, 3+ hr detour lost to be exact!

Lost in the Alps, 3+ hr detour lost to be exact!

Interesting fact: Thankfully finding out before our road trip ahead.

Most of Europe is extremely strict on speed limit-over 1mph or kilo. for a major ticket. MAJOR. There are no cops, very few cops I saw throughout this entire road trip but instead- hidden traffic cameras. By law they do need to put a sign up prior to the cameras. They also have cameras after cameras to ensure no speeding up in between. The entire road trip was with extreme per caution after finding out the ticket insanely expensive fees. Pretty crazy right!?

Oh and don’t listen to the car GPS as they aren’t updated. The picture posted above was after about a 3 hour detour since at the top of the mountain was closed. GPS on phone!

Side notes: Now, this trip was delayed from the start with the luggage lost situation. What is even more difficult? The lost clothes/outfits planned, my beauty kit I needed for Italy. Thing about European airports.. a lot of issues, work slow/strike, (Paris being the worst airport experience to date) and the risk of my luggage could arrive too late with so many road trip stops.

Lessons learned: Pack all the things you can not loss in your carry on, pack at least 2-3 outfits as a 3 day just incase for luggage lost and lastly not ever wanting to fly in/out of Paris again.

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia